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Updating and enhancing technology is a main priority of the bond program. Approximately $4 million dollars is budgeted in both the first and second phases of the program to ensure the district will provide educational technology that most effectively supports teaching and learning.  Technology for staff will be updated on an appropriate basis, and the technology infrastructure will be upgraded to meet the needs of students and staff in the future.


A summary of the Phase 1 technology plan is provided below:


2014 – 2015

The focus of the first year of the Phase 1 technology plan was to refresh and upgrade end user devices as detailed below:

  • Chromebook replacement and enhancement - All existing Chromebooks in the district were replaced, and additional Chromebooks were purchased to expand the Engage 1:1 program in grades 3-5. (Completed)
  • Replacements of iPads - iPads were updated throughout the district, allowing for each classroom in grades Young 5s through 2nd to have a complete classroom set. (Completed)
  • Replacement of staff laptops - Staff members who utilize laptop computers were provided a new laptop during the summer of 2014. Replacing all laptops at once allows the district to have one consistent model, maximizing efficiency for tech staff support. (Completed)
  • Replacements of classroom lab devices - Classroom lab devices were refreshed throughout the district. MacMini computers were purchased for the elementary labs, and new desktop computers for the middle school and high school. (Completed)
  • Replacement of support staff desktop computers - Support staff received new desktop computers to replace computers that had exceeded expected usefulness. (Completed)
  • Upgraded data retention and recovery system - A new data recovery and retention system was purchased to replace a 10-year-old system. (Completed)
  • Replacements of printers - Printers throughout the district were replaced. (Completed)


2015 – 2016

Year two of the technology plan is designed to update classroom audio visual capabilities, improve network infrastructure, and increase server storage:

  • Replacement of classroom projectors - Overhead projectors in all classrooms were replaced during the summer of 2015. The district is also installed interactive projectors in elementary classrooms. (Completed)
  • Replacement of classroom technology carts - In 2008, each classroom received a multi-media technology cart which provided a significant enhancement in the use of educational technology to support teaching and learning. The carts themselves have held up very well; however, the multimedia technology housed within the carts was upgraded to current standards. (Completed)
  • Improvement of wired and wireless network infrastructure - With technology being used more and more frequently by students and staff, the district has been upgrading its ability to meet network and online requirements.Wired networking was replaced in the summer of 2015, with wireless being replaced in the summer of 2016. (Completed)
  • Replacement & enhancement of servers - Server storage was replaced and increased to meet the data storage demands of the district. (Completed)



In the third year of the technology plan, the district is updating student devices and replacing aging building infrastructure
  • Replacement of student devices - A number of our student classroom devices purchased prior to the 2014 bond initiative will be replaced during the summer of 2016.
  • The district phone system is over ten years old and was installed prior to the availability of VOIP technology. A replacement system that runs on the district data network is being installed during the summer of 2016.
  • District clocks and PA systems have exceeded their useful life and are being replaced during the summer of 2016.
  • District Wireless Networking is being replaced, updating the district standard from 802.11 N to 802.11 AC phase 2
  • Audio visual updates will be made to secondary performance spaces such as auditoriums, gyms, and cafes.


Going forward to the end of the first bond cycle in the spring of 2019, the district will continue to replace technology when it has exceeded its usefulness and continue to take advantage of new technology enhancements that will allow our teachers to maximize the use of educational technology to provide the most effective teaching and learning environments.