Woodcliff Early Childhood Center Projects

 At the Woodcliff Early Childhood Center, the projects scheduled are provided below:


Phase I Projects (April 2016 – September 2016)

  • Improve main entrance to the Early Childhood Center - The current main entrance to the Early Childhood Center will be renovated to provide a secure entrance to the building that requires visitors to enter the main office before gaining access to the rest of the early childhood area.
  • New restrooms for the Early Childhood Center - New restrooms will be constructed outside the early childhood classrooms to provide additional and closer access to restrooms for the students and staff.
  • Enhancement of building security cameras and card reader access to exterior doors - Current security cameras will be replaced and additional cameras will be added to improve security inside and outside the building. Exterior doors card reader access will be reviewed for potential replacement.
  • Replacement of gymnasium lighting - Lighting in the Woodcliff gymnasium will be replaced.
  • Addition of door from early childhood area to gymnasium - An additional door to the gymnasium from the early childhood center will be added so that the children can access the gymnasium without leaving the early childhood area.


Design drawings for the Woodcliff Early Childhood Center construction projects are provided here.