K-12 Art Department

We believe that every child and student in our care is talented and capable of growing through an art experience. We further believe that art promotes the development of fine motor skills, creative problem solving, higher order thinking, and sensitivity to the ideas of others. Art provides tools for interpreting life experiences and helps develop a child's identity and sens of self-worth. Our focus for art education will always remain on process, rather than product.

Art provides an environment that nurtures self-expression, development of lifelong skills, and an appreciation for artistic heritage.

Mrs. denDulk
  Breton Downs Elementary
Ms. Centa
  Lakeside Elementary
Mrs. denDulk/Ms.Centa  
  Wealthy Elementary
Mrs. Lampen
  East Middle School
Mrs. Miller-Wallau
  East High School
Mr. Szpieg
  East High School