About CAC

Community Action Council is a school/community partnership organization, originally formed in the 1980's, made up of parents, school administration, city leaders, and other community representatives. CAC receives grant money from the Safe and Drug-Free Schools program of the U.S. Department of Education. Grant monies are used, among other things, to administer student surveys and to implement school programs to enhance skills that contribute to students' emotional and social well-being. CAC also distributes grants to school or community programs that coincide with the organization's focus.

Our projects have included sponsorship of speakers on parenting, community-wide forums on drug abuse and resources for help, and the CAC Senior Scholarship. It was from the work of the CAC that Leadership & Youth Development was born. CAC also initiated the Public Safety School Liaison, accomplished the school smoking ban, and brought in school programs such as Peer Mediation and Project Alert.

In addition to grants, the CAC sustains itself financially through membership fees, fundraising events, and donations. Through your contributions to CAC, you make a commitment to support the youth and families of East Grand Rapids.


Dee McGraw

Kim Rossi  
Vice President

Mary Reed Kelly

Jane McClure