Call to Action Letter

September 2012

To the Citizens of East Grand Rapids:

The Community Action Council is a community/school partnership organization, originally formed in the 1980's, made up of parents, school administration, city leaders, and other community representatives. We invite you to join us in promoting healthy lifestyles for our children and for the community with The CAC i-care Network.

The CAC i-care Network is an effort to alleviate some of the anxiety parents face as our sons and daughters meet new friends and become more independent. This is an "opt-in" program meaning that, as parents, you can choose whether or not to participate. Participants will be included in an "i-care Pledge Directory" listing the names of the parents who share similar kinds of concerns and agree to a set of common expectations. We are asking parents to sign the enclosed pledge, and by doing so, become part of a CAC i-care network. We believe that a common set of expectations will be a source of comfort to parents who share such expectations.

With permission, we will publish a directory listing your name(s) and your telephone number. Parents may then refer to the list when making decisions with their teen about attending social events. This information will only be used for the i-care database and will not be given or shared with any other programs, agencies, or organizations, etc. Please consider the pledge carefully. Remember it is illegal to permit a gathering where youths under the age of 21 consume alcohol or use illegal drugs. Other parents are relying on your sincerity. On behalf of the parents and teens in the East Grand Rapids Community, we thank you for your concern and support of this effort. (If you signed the i-care Pledge last year, you are still a part of it.)

All CAC information, including the i-care Pledge and Directory, can be accessed through the CAC link on our partner websites: East Grand Rapids Public Schools ( and The City of East Grand Rapids (