"i-care" Pledge

The East Grand Rapids Community Action Council acts as a catalyst to educate parents and the community concerning the illegal use of drugs and alcohol while promoting a safe, healthy environment for students in East Grand Rapids. The "i-care" Pledge is an initiative by which we, as caring adults, can demonstrate to our young people that not only are we concerned for their well-being, but that illegal drug use and underage drinking will not be and is not acceptable in our homes and in our community. It is not the CAC's intent to tell you how to parent, but rather to provide you with additional strategies that begin with open, adult communication. Please join the list of concerned adults and show our youth that "i-care."
  • By signing on to the CAC "i-care" Network, I pledge to follow, to the best of my ability, the following research-based guidelines:
  • Educate myself to the peer pressures and social realities that our youth encounter.
  • Be visible and actively present in my home and/or neighborhood when young people are gathered.
  • Ensure that an appropriate chaperone is present in my home if I cannot be there.
  • Provide clear and definite boundaries for my children regarding activities, behavior and curfews.
  • Serve as a role model.
  • Be the adult, stand firm, know when to say "no."
  • Affirm positive behavior.
  • Work with other parents and members of the community to identify situations that pose opportunities for risky behavior.
  • Provide a safe and non-judgmental environment where young people and/or adults can share their concerns.

This Pledge is not a legally binding contract and should not be construed as such. Law enforcement does not and cannot verify or guarantee compliance with this Pledge. Therefore, it is recommended that parents/guardians follow-up, as necessary, with the guidelines of the Pledge.

If you are interested in serving on a committee, working on a project, or receiving more information, please contact: Dee McGraw (deekmcgraw@att.net), 475-4210, or Kim Rossi (kimrossigr@comcast.net) 452-0439.


In addition to signing the Pledge, please consider making a contribution to CAC
for continued funding of projects including sponsorship of speakers, forums, community resources,
support groups, and the CAC Senior Scholarship.

I support the mission of CAC. Please accept my contribution of:

___ $25                ___ $50             $___ Other

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(Signature required only if signing the Pledge)

The names and phone numbers of all who sign the pledge will be published in the "i-care Pledge Directory" unless one or both of the options listed below are selected.

______ Do not list my name in the directory   ______ Do not list my phone number in the directory

Please print and mail this pledge form and/or contribution to:
CAC/EGRPS Administration Building, 2915 Hall Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506-3111