Engage 1:1 Learning

A1:1 classroom is a 21st century learning environment where each students has a computer and its use is integrated into daily practice. This creates a vivid experience where students learn through the use of technological tools that enhance achievement and provide diverse connections to the community and the world  

Envision a classroom where…
  • Technological tools become a part of the learning environment, along with the teaching of conventional skills.
  • The role of the teacher has evolved and become one of an instructor, mentor, and facilitator, building the student's discovery of knowledge.
  • Students are taught the responsible use of technological tools and to safely navigate the online world. The district provides, as well, the best available content filter and web security.
  • Students take ownership for their learning.
  • Learning is differentiated, allowing students to work with content according to ability level, interests, and learning style.
  • Students participate in project/inquiry-based learning as they develop higher-level thinking skills.
  • Students build a real-world, global learning community where they connect through educational, secure social networking.  
  • Collaboration takes place within and beyond the classroom walls, empowering students to develop problem solving skills.
  • Enthusiastic learners are encouraged on their path to life-long learning.
To prepare our students to thrive in a world where technology skills, critical thinking, and global competence will be more important than ever, we must provide them with an engaged classroom environment. The 1:1 classroom is preparing our East Grand Rapids students to be independent, life long learners and to navigate successfully in a global community.