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LanSchool: To help our teachers provide a productive learning environment, we will be asking each Engage participant to install the LanSchool collaboration software on his/her device. It will enable our staff and students to share device screens, respond to short surveys, electronically communicate with one another in real time, and to easily exchange documents. Teachers will be able to observe student screens in their classroom and, thus, quickly provide assistance to students or ensure students are on task. With this software, a student's device can only be monitored by a teacher when the student is connected to the school's network, thus monitoring only occurs at school and not at home. The use of LanSchool was supported by our Spring 2013 Engage 1:1 surveys where students, parents, and staff all listed online distractions as a challenge. We believe that this tool can help to reduce distractibility and support learning. Information on the LanSchool collaboration and management software can be found at

Prior to registration and the start of school we ask that each participating student install LanSchool on his/her electronic device using the directions found below If you have difficulty with this installation our technology team members will be available at registration to assist students.


LanSchool Install

Android Instructions

Google Chromebook Instructions

iOS Instructions

MacOS Instructions

Ubuntu Instructions

Windows OS Instructions

LanSchool Uninstall

Windows XP Instructions

Windows 7 Instructions

Windows 8 Instructions

Mac OS X Instructions