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  • is a grassroots partnership working to promote HBO's groundbreaking ADDICTION project, and help communities mobilize to build on this powerful opportunity to expand public understanding of addiction, treatment, and long-term recovery.
  • Alcohol Marketing
    Limiting alcohol advertising and promotional activities that target young people will protect America's youth.
  • Alcohol Taxes
    Increasing alcohol prices through taxes, particularly on beer, is an effective strategy for reducing underage drinking.
  • End Discrimination
    Repeal policies that prevent ex-offenders from returning to full participation in society. 
  • Equal Coverage for Treatment
    Health insurance should cover alcohol and drug problems like any other medical condition.
  • Improve Treatment Quality
    Give higher payments to providers who get better results.
  • Lifesaving Laws
    Laws that change the context in which young people drink help prevent deaths and injuries.
  • Prevention Education
    Drug and alcohol prevention education in schools should be part of a community-wide prevention strategy involving parents and other social institutions.
  • Screening & Brief Intervention (SBI)
    Make screening and brief intervention a routine part of every primary care and emergency room visit.
  • State Policies
    States can use policies from the Blueprint for the States report to improve the ways they organize and deliver alcohol and drug prevention and treatment.
  • Support Community Coalitions
    Helping communities sustain their community-wide strategies can help reduce alcohol and drug problems at the local level.
  • Treatment Medications
    Support the development and use of effective medications for addiction treatment and recovery.
  • Treatment, Not Incarceration
    Require treatment and supervised aftercare instead of incarceration for non-violent alcohol and drug offenders. 
  • What Can I Do?
    Each of us has an important part to play in our community's efforts to reduce alcohol and drug problems. Parents, professionals community leaders, youth — there's a place for anyone who wants to make a difference.