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East Grand Rapids Public Schools

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Technology Support CLP

Links for Students and Families

K-7 Student application portal for IXL, GoMath, and other apps
Joining a wireless network and logging into a school Chromebook at home
Joining a hosted meeting using the Zoom application
Content Filter
Information regarding the EGRPS Internet Content Filter and how it works at home and at school
PDF Information:

Links for Teachers

Video Meeting and Conferencing Tool, allows teachers to manage student users by default
Google Account Sign In with account support
Instructions (List of Requirements)
Video Screen Sharing Tool, allows teachers to post quick videos in Google Drive
Google Chrome Plugin with account support
Returning Work Using Google Classroom Comments
If your students have shared they can't see the comments you put on their work in Classroom, they need only to click Open in New Window. Seems too easy but this can be hard to find at first. View our short video to see how it works:
How to add links to our EL and MS Clever pages
Teachers can add links to Clever to make them easy for students to find
Google Account Sign In with account support
Document Camera Screencast
Present your classroom document camera during a live video conference or archive as a movie
Works with both Zoom and Screencastify, no drivers or special setup needed
Create interactive lessons by adding check-in questions to an existing video
Built-in tools help track student and class progress
Google Account Sign In with account support and also Google Classroom integration
Video response and portfolio tool
Students use their phone or webcam to record short videos in response to a prompt
Google Account Sign In with account support
Student-driven digital portfolios and simple parent communication
Google Account Sign In with account support
Approving your videos for students
Students in the EL and MS can't see all of YouTube by default, even those made by our staff
This video shows teachers how to approve any video in support of student learning
PD Video:
Stream Live from YouTube
This video shows how to install OBS Studio and connect it to YouTube to stream live. If ever you'd like to provide a YouTube link for your students or parents to show what you are seeing online, this video shows you how. The configuration given could be used for live streaming a conversation taking place in Zoom. In this way you could provide view-only access to a final classroom conversation with students:.
Shorten, create and share trusted, powerful links for your classroom.
Google Account Sign In with account support
PD Video:
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