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East Grand Rapids Public Schools

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Title I

Title I Information

Title I funding is dedicated to providing services for students in our middle school who need additional learning opportunities and instruction to master the core curriculum.


Program Description

Students are provided direct instruction by a highly qualified teacher. Parents/Guardians give consent to have their student participate in the class. This intervention is meant to be short-term, however, the intervention will be available longer if appropriate. Students are given a pre-assessment upon entry, post-assessment upon exiting, and assessments as needed during instruction.


Identification of Target School

Title I schools are determined by Federal Government guidelines.


Selection of Students for Title I Interventions

Students are selected for Title I services by using local, state, and national data. Once students have been selected, parents receive a school communication describing the intervention; and a request for their student to participate.


Program Design

Our middle school program is taught by a highly qualified teacher. Student’s needs are assessed, and an individualized program of strategies is taught and measured to ensure student growth and achievement. These strategies supplement the strategies needed for students to be successful in their general education curriculum. Students receiving Title I instruction are monitored throughout their intervention.



Title I Parents’/Guardians’ Right to Know

Title I Parent/Guardian Involvement Guidelines