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10/9/14 KIASB Engage 1:1 Presentation:
12/10/13 Elementary Engage Update Letter:
11/25/13 Fall 2013 Engage Update:
6/12/13 Engage 1:1 Survey Presentation:
6/11/13 Engage 1:1 Survey Results from High School ParentsHigh School Students, and High School Staff
5/7/13 Parent and Student Online Tools Night Presentations
            -Heather McKinney's High School English Assignment is here:
            -Kevin Vance's Middle School Science Assignment is here:
3/12/13 Parent and Student Online Safety Night Presentations: 
            -Understanding and Managing Student Social Networking:
                -Teen Texting of Personal and Private Messages
                -The Use of Filters at Home and at School
3/4/13 Reminder letter for Winter 2013 Parent and Student Safety Night is here:

1/17/13 and 2/12/13 Invitation for Parent and Student information Nights is here:

12/20/12 Engage 1:1 Blog: Student Devices Seen at East Grand Rapids High School:
12/6/12 Video of high school staff discussing how Engage 1:1 expands learning opportunities for students:
12/5/12 Letter from Dr. Shubel announcing the Engage rollout at the Middle School is here:
9/21/12 Video of high school students and Engage 1:1 made by the high school for Open House is here:
8/30/12 Email launching Engage 1:1 at the for the 2012-2013 School Year is here:
8/7/12 Email reminder to high school families about bringing devices to registration is here:
6/28/12 Engage 1:1 Parent Update Letter is here:
5/2/12 Parent Student Safety Orientation Handout is here:
3/1/12 Letter from the Board of Education is here:
2/15/12 Parent Night Reminder is here:
2/10/12 Podcast Created by Dr. Shubel regarding the Engage 1:1 initiative is here:
1/16/12 Letter from Dr. Shubel announcing the Engage rollout at the High School is here: