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Educating and inspiring each student to navigate successfully in a global community


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Technology has revolutionized the way virtually every industry in the world operates, including education. As it continues to evolve, technology is transforming the way we communicate, teach, and learn. School systems must create classrooms that incorporate these digital tools to prepare their students to navigate through the fast paced, high tech global community. Our goal is to create a blended learning environment as the new normal for day-to-day teaching and learning.

East Grand Rapids believes that a 1:1 environment:

  • increases student learning
  • supports differentiated instruction
  • provides a wide range of options to assess student learning
  • provides unlimited opportunities for accommodations, enrichments, and learning
  • provides real-time data for student learning
  • promotes student engagement and motivation
  • provides immediate access to resources
  • supports student collaboration on local, national, and global levels
  • is an additional layer of support for student learninG

East Grand Rapids will create a 1:1 learning environment in which:

  • students have equal access to digital devices
  • students have access to a greater body of knowledge
  • students assess, synthesize, and apply information
  • students assume responsibility for utilizing a digital device to enhance learning
  • students learn adaptive skills to problem solve
  • students use technology to perform complex tasks

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A Parents Guide to 21st Century Skills, also published in Edutopia, serves as a resource for parents.