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East Grand Rapids Public Schools

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Request Records

The Superintendent or designee is the Freedom of Information Coordinator at East Grand Rapids Public Schools, and his/her office is responsible for handling FOIA requests. Written FOIA requests should be sent to the attention of Superintendent of Schools, East Grand Rapids Public Schools, 2915 Hall Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506.  Requests can also be faxed to the office at (616) 235-6730 or e-mailed to  

The District has prepared a FOIA Request Form, which is available through the superintendent’s office and may be used to submit requests.  If that form is not used, the following is recommended when making a request: 

  • Please specify with as much detail as possible the records you wish to inspect and/or receive copies of. For example, if applicable, please include the time period involved and the department where the documents may be located, if you know it.
  • Please include your mailing address and daytime phone number, as well as an e-mail address and fax number, if applicable.