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District Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

SuperintendentGo To Top of Page

Heidi S. Kattula, Ed.D., Superintendent
Judie Malec, Executive Assistant

InstructionGo To Top of Page

Jennifer Fee, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction
Gail Bird, Administrative Assistant
Shannon Pontius, District Registrar

Technology and AssessmentGo To Top of Page

Douglas Jenkins, Director of Technology and Assessment
Kyle Noakes, Manager of Information Systems
Ryan Kelley, Manager of Networking and Security

Business/Human ResourcesGo To Top of Page

Anthony Morey, Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations
Judie Malec, Executive Assistant
Dan Luehrs, Maintenance Supervisor
Dawn Beemer, Accounts Payable
Angie DeGennaro, Accounting Supervisor

Special EducationGo To Top of Page

Joanne D. Platt, Special Education Supervisor
Dawn Beemer, Administrative Assistant