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Hearts of Gold

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The 2024 Hearts of Gold partner organization is Beer City Dog Biscuits!
Sponsorship opportunities are available, click here to learn more.
Hearts of Gold

Hearts of Gold

About Us

Hearts of Gold is a community fundraiser in East Grand Rapids where students, parents, educators, administrators and community members come together to raise funds and generate awareness for a local nonprofit organization.
Ellen Cherveny Kerry Hegele
Committee Members:  
Mary Beth Brown Alissandra Kruer
Sarah Calnan Amanda McKenna
Courtney Cinglie Katie Millman
Ketti Collins Whitney Renner
Karrie Gumina Katie Stein
Beth Hoekstra Teri Tesseris
Lauren Jacoby Julie Vangessel
Sara DeGoa Julie Wiseman
Student Leaders:  
Lily Adloff JC Poortenga
Liv Bolling Matt Rose
Gavin Buck Catherine Schellhammer
Vivian Cherveny Kate Simon
Emmalin Cinglie Wyatt Stein
Sydney Collins Zoe Sorota
Lia DeGoa Grace Taylor
Garrett Dill Luke Vangessel
Hillary Griffin James Weiner
Avery Leete Lexi Wiseman
MC Millman  


Hearts of Gold began in 2009 when the football team decided to play a game benefiting Helen DeVos Children's Hospital after losing a fellow student to childhood cancer. 

Hearts of Gold has become  a well-established tradition within the EGR community, underscoring the importance of philanthropy and making a contribution towards the welfare of others. The program has brought attention to the capacity of every individual, regardless of age, to make a positive difference.  Hearts of Gold has raised more than $1 million supporting local nonprofit organizations.  
Hearts of Gold Past Partners  
2023 iUnderstand
2022 Children’s Healing Center
2021 Family Promise 2019 Epilepsy Foundation
2018 Children’s Advocacy Center Basket 2017 Kids Food
2016 Arbor Circle 2015 Ele’s Place
2014  Billy Bear Foundation 2013 Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan
2012 Gold is the New Pink HDVCH 2009-2011 HDVCH
Past Partners



Current Partner

The Hearts of Gold committee is excited to announce Beer City Dog Biscuits as the 2024 partner organization.  Please visit their website to learn more
Beer City Dog Biscuits (BCDB), a nonprofit founded by EGR alums Suzanne (Schuler) Wilcox ‘80 and Leslie (Wiener) Hooker ‘83, who recognized a need for their sons, EGR alums Tanis ‘11 and Gavin ‘15, and the greater intellectual and developmental disabled (IDD) community. BCDB provides vocational training and employment for IDD individuals (Brew Bakers) by making delicious, hand-made dog treats and other products. BCDB tailors every aspect of the organization to empower and meet the unique abilities of each Brew Baker and continuously considers, "If there is a job to do, can a Brew Baker do it?". Those with disabilities are essential; without their presence in our workplaces, neighborhoods, places of worship, and schools, our community is incomplete!
Suzanne and Leslie are also the 2024 EGR Schools Foundation Community Service and Leadership Award recipients.
Sponsorship opportunities are available, please click here to learn more.

Partner Application

The 2024 application is now closed.  The next application cycle will open in January 2026. 
The application asks for the following information:
  • Name and address of the organization 
  • Contact information for the Executive Director and anyone else that will be involved 
  • Website and social channels actively used 
  • Must be 501(c)(3) 
  • Must have a Grand Rapids presence 
  • What is the organization’s Mission Statement? 
  • What is the annual operating budget? 
  • Does the organization have staff or volunteers to support Hearts of Gold?
  • Is there a personal connection to East Grand Rapids?
  • Why does this organization want to partner with EGR Hearts of Gold?  
  • Is there a specific program or project the funds raised would go towards?