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East Grand Rapids Public Schools

Tradition of Excellence

Business Office

Anthony W. Morey, Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations
Judie Malec, Executive Assistant
Dan Luehrs, Maintenance Supervisor
Dawn Beemer, Accounts Payable
Angie DeGennaro, Accounting Supervisor
Cathy Oosse, Human Resources Assistant 
The East Grand Rapids Public Schools Business Office serves the district in all matters relating to the district's finances such as budget, payroll, accounts payable, and purchasing. The Business Office also supervises support staff personnel, including building maintenance and construction, and the following district programs and activities: food services, mail, and voicemail.

Previous Budget Presentations

October 22, 2018         Amended Budget Presentation
June 4, 2018         Budget Hearing Presentation 
October 23, 2017          Amended Budget Presentation
June 5, 2017          Budget Hearing Presentation 
October 24, 2016         Amended Budget Presentation
June 6, 2016          Budget Hearing Presentation 
December 7, 2015
        Amended Budget Presentation
June 15, 2015
        Budget Adoption Presentation
June 8, 2015

      Budget Hearing Presentation
January 12, 2015
        Budget Workshop Presentation
June 2014
        Budget Hearing Presentation
March 24, 2014
        Budget Workshop Presentation
December 2, 2013
        Amended Budget Presentation
June 3, 2013

2012-2013 Budget Communications to Community

The Basics of School Funding